Tokyo, it's 9pm | 70s-80s Citypop | Audio-visual Vinyl Mix with Felix Manley

A vinyl selection of grooves to transport you to 1980s Tokyo, the peak of the Citypop era. A mix in homage to this time and place, with eccentric vocalists and synthy productions from the likes of YMO.

Audio-visuals - Lillian Rose

Selection and mixing - Felix Manley

These AVs are made with a combination of real-time generative animations on Touchdesigner, GAN machine learning, and After Effects to sequence the mix with footage of the turntables.

00:00 Kimiko Kasai - We Can Fall In Love

06:20 Akiko Yano - 女たちよ 男たちよ

10:21 Kei Ishiguro - Banana

14:57 S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe - ガラスのPalm Tree

19:14 Ruriko Ohgami - ふわりふわふわ

22:05 Marlene - Zanzibar Night

25:33 Minako Yoshida - Midnight Driver

33:04 Toshiki Kadomatsu - Secret Lover

36:40 Akiko Yano - ただいま

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