Mumbai, it's 7pm | 70s-80s Bollywood | Audio-visual Vinyl Mix with Felix Manley

Deep within Chor bazaar, Delhi, a selection of small record stores hold incredible archives of 80s Bollywood music. The king of this era, Bappi Lahiri, popularised the use of synthesised disco music in the Indian music scene. This vinyl selection is an ode to Bappi and his contemporaries' plethora of disco grooves.

Audio-visuals - Lillian Rose

Selection and mixing - Felix Manley

These AVs are made with a combination of real-time generative animations on Touchdesigner, GAN machine learning, and After Effects to sequence the mix with footage of the turntables.

00:00 Qaidi - Jawani Ka Khazana

06:00 The Burning Train - The Burning Train 

09:25 Hiraasat - Botonse Baat Na Banegi

16:29 Disco Dancer - Jimmy Jimmy

19:26 Qaidi - Bongo Bongo

25:47 Disco Dancer - Yaad Aa Raha Hai

32:05 Wanted - Koi Lutera

38:25 Karz - Om Shanti Om

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