Lillian Rose is a digital artist creating animated work using generative technologies, such as machine learning and computer script.

She incorporates gradually evolving patterns and textural forms to induce a state of meditation, where the perceptions of sound, sight and touch are blended. Her work explores organic form and power hierarchies within a digital world. 

With her practise she creates animations and audio-reactive content for music venues and live performers, in addition to designing patterns and artworks for fabrics and print.

Exhibitions and Residencies

The Will To Form - Copeland Gallery, 2022

Coming Out The Grove - Four Corners, 2019

Stocked at

Satellite Store - SE15, London

Books Peckham - SE15 London

Freedom Press - E1 London


Bikini State - 'Threads' Issue 1, 2022

Mission Statement Mag - Online, 2022


Photo by George Vickary